Impractical Magic Sale and Better Than Hex Pre-Order!

In anticipation of the my new release Better Than Hex, Impractical Magic is on sale for $0.99!!

From July 12th – July 18th Impractical Magic will be on sale for $0.99. Better Than Hex is available for pre-order.

River Jackson practices her spellcraft in peace, but the arrival of a new, hard-bodied Brazilian neighbor gives her a reason to come out of her shell. Zacarias is handsome, financially successful, and thoughtful — a sweetheart with a furry secret.

And a jealous ex-wife willing to resort to black magic to have him back.

This is a RERELEASE of an older story with additional content and plot changes.

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Alchemy, vampires, and fireballs. River’s life will never be the same.

River Jackson lives in a small town known for major supernatural problems. Between a recent promotion in her coven and moving in with her werejaguar boyfriend, she’s living the life of her dreams.

Until her sweetheart is attacked during an assassination attempt on the local werewolf alpha. When evidence points to a warlock at the heart of the chaos, the regional circle of witches assigns the case to River, filling her hands with rogue vampires and nervous shifters demanding answers. Life is never dull in Atropos, and  River must keep one step ahead of the bad guys if she wants to save her friends from joining the rising body count.

The Impractical Magic series combines the best qualities of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, creating fast-paced adventure with a sensual subplot. Readers who love shifters, witches, and mysterious paranormal creatures will go wild over Better Than Hex.


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