Belle and the Pirate


Tinker Bell may long for companionship, but unpaired male fae are a rarity in Cairn Ocland. When her dearest friends become parents, Tink embarks on a journey to the fairy birthlands to meet the sprite born from the baby’s first laugh. Unfortunately, her adventure doesn’t go according to plan when poachers interrupt her mission.

Captain James Hook deserted the Eisland Navy twelve years ago to battle slavery on the high seas. As a pirate, he raids the ships of his former kingdom and their corrupt allies to the east while liberating them of ill-gotten goods. Rescuing a little fairy bound for the pet trade is an unexpected bonus.

Tink is everything James has ever desired in a woman—courageous, feisty, and loyal, but her diminutive size isn’t their largest obstacle. The Eisland Navy has a new weapon at its command, a mystery capable of demolishing a ship in a single blow. And the Jolly Roger is their next target.


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