Better Than Hex


River Jackson lives in a small town known for major supernatural problems. Between a recent promotion in her coven and moving in with her werejaguar boyfriend, she’s living the life of her dreams.

Until her sweetheart is attacked during an assassination attempt on the local werewolf alpha. Soon after, a nearby family is found murdered by magical means. The regional witch’s circle assigns River the case, filling her hands with rogue vampires and nervous shifters demanding answers.

When evidence points to a warlock at the heart of the chaos, River’s only hope is to unravel the mystery before the people she loves are included in the rising body count.

The Impractical Magic series combines the best qualities of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, creating fast-paced adventure with a sensual subplot. Readers who love shifters, witches, and mysterious paranormal creatures will go wild over Better Than Hex.

This series carries a heat level of 3 (one to two intimate scenes without coarse language.)


Ebook and Paperback

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