Dawn of the Dragons #3 
Enjoy the full-length novel sequel to Smitten.

Astrid Drakenstone walks the divide between the mundane and otherwordly, a unique half-dragoness with the magical talent of the immortals and the temperament of a human. On the day she’s gifted the legendary sword Ascalon, she’s also dealt an inescapable destiny — in her hands, the sword may either save or doom their kind.

Lieutenant Nathaniel Kirkpatrick lives a dual life. Among his fellow sailors, he’s a dependable Naval officer, but to the Knights of Merlin, he’s the reincarnation of Sir Galahad. As one of many old souls reborn each generation, he trains for a single purpose — to slay dragons. With orders to infiltrate the paranormal world, he meets his match when Astrid becomes the target of his next mission.

While the discovery of Astrid’s existence introduces a new threat to the knighthood, Nate’s drawn to her in a forbidden attraction. They call her a monster, but he sees a woman with a compassionate soul. Torn between duty or forsaking his brothers, he soon realizes investigating the Drakenstone family for the knights will come at a price: his heart.


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