Divine Ambrosia

Divine Ambrosia

One woman. Three Greek gods. Dive into a captivating, action-packed reverse harem romance about an ordinary girl becoming extraordinary.

Esme Caro’s dull life makes an electrifying change when not one but three hunky men begin pursuing her. After strange and unusual events start happening in town, her unexpected suitors confess an incredible secret—they believe Esme is Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and they’ve waited centuries to reclaim her. Although she’s convinced the three are suffering a shared delusion, they’re still drop dead gorgeous, dangerous, and way too hot for her to resist.

Prepare for a paranormal romance between one woman and three Greek gods loaded with steam, strong language, and magical action. If you dislike reading sex scenes and f-bombs, this book is NOT for you. She is the goddess of love and passion after all!

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