God of Mischief

Dawn of the Dragons #4

A Reformed Prankster
To modern America, Loki Agnarhorn is the CEO of a prosperous software company. Others know him as a dragon sorcerer and recently redeemed troublemaker. When he crosses paths with Selene on a day tour into the vineyards, their attraction is undeniable. And months later, her smile is equally unforgettable. Finding Selene is easy, but her discovery comes with an unexpected surprise.

A Peculiar Witch
Selene is a witch without a developed magical gift. Aside from the occasional premonition in her dreams, she’s never cast an actual spell. After a one-night stand leaves her with fond memories and questions about her handsome hookup, Selene finds her life changed forever.

A Love in Peril
As Loki and Selene grow closer, forces in the supernatural world await the chance to strike. The rogue dragonslayers have awakened powerful allies, and Selene is part of their plans.


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