Making Waves


Curvy beach babe Alessa Kokinos has scored the perfect life at the Yucatán’s hottest island resort. She has a dream job caring for ocean wildlife, and every spring, her best friend returns as a surf instructor. The only thing that could make her happier would be if he finally realized how much he means to her.

Dante isn’t the typical human Alessa believes him to be. He’s a hippocampus, a water horse shifter from the Mediterranean, and his time is running out. In accordance to herd tradition, Dante must take a mate and produce a child. If he doesn’t, he’ll be assigned to the herd’s guard, a potentially lethal position that means he’ll never see Alessa again.
Alessa will have a choice: she can lose the man she loves forever or offer him her body in the most intimate way possible.


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