Rapunzel and the Griffin Prince

Princess Rapunzel languishes in her tower as a prisoner, but the entire kingdom believes her to be a madwoman overcome by grief. With her magical powers bound by trickery and the servants closest to her fearing reprisal, there is no escape.

Muir is a griffin in mourning. When duty becomes the only balm to soothe his heartache, he travels as an emissary tasked by his king and queen to unearth the truth about Eisland’s slave trade. He finds no slaves, but he does discover a country divided by its wealth—the poor are starving, the indifferent nobility are frivolous, and there is a charming secret in the castle’s west tower. Liberating a forgotten princess may not be part of Muir’s mission, but rescuing her is the only way to save himself and the kingdom from ruin.


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