Texas Pride


As the eldest of seven children, Esteban Castillo has spent his life protecting others, at home and in the U.S. Marines. Now he leads the construction company founded by his father, and it thrives under his leadership–until a rivalry with another firm places their livelihood in jeopardy.

Love comes in many forms. For Sasha Vogt, nothing matters more than her two wives, Nandi and Isisa. Together, the women form Houston’s only lion shifter pride, but something is missing from their lives. No man has ever lasted between the three of them, and they doubt one ever will… until Sasha meets Esteban.

Dating multiple women may be a fantasy for some men, but for Esteban it seems too good to be true. And right now, with someone out to ruin his family name, love should be the least of his worries.

This is not a love triangle, rectangle, or any other geometric shape. This story does not contain cheating, and all activity between the main characters is 100% consensual. Read on if you dare to delve into the tale of a healthy polyamorous relationship between three women in love seeking the alpha to complete their pride.

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