The Right to Bear Arms


When Daniela Reyes escapes her abusive marriage to live alone, life seems typical until she finds a black bear snoozing in her new hammock. Despite warnings from relatives, she feeds her wild friend and watches him return day after day. Her bear is the ideal distraction from the ex-husband devoted to ruining her new life.

Russell Hawkins is a widowed southern gentleman with charm. As a werebear, he roams the woods with his dog, the perfect diversion from his grief — and the voluptuous divorcee down the lane. Intervening in an altercation between his neighbor and her ex-husband changes everything for him. She needs more than a one-time protector — he also wants to give her his heart.

But danger is on the horizon for Daniela. A divorce decree is only a piece of paper, and it won’t keep her safe from the man haunting her new home.

Can a war vet with a secret and a woman with a painful past find their happy future together?

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