Old Dog New Tricks

Ex-narcotics peddler, convicted felon, amputee shapeshifter. 
Former gang enforcer Lyle Davis is newly released from prison. With a laundry list of offenses tainting his reputation, the unforgiving population of Quickdraw, Texas is reluctant to forget until the local sheriff conscripts Lyle to mentor their town’s juvenile delinquents.

Wily coyote, brilliant inventor, compassionate doctor.
Julia Bearheart creates prosthetics for wounded warriors to walk again. Months after she loses her dearest patient, Ian introduces her to Lyle. His loyalty, honesty, and genuine nature is a relief, an abrupt change of pace from stuffy boardroom executives and military suits. So is the hot body he developed in prison.

Julia can’t deny Lyle’s rugged looks or southern charm, but he’s her patient and she’s sworn not to mix business with pleasure. He knows she’s too good for him, but she’s the only thing he wants under the mistletoe. If Santa has anything to say about it, maybe both of their Christmas wishes can come true.

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