Zarina and the Djinn

Zarina has sacrificed years caring for her alcoholic father. While she works, he pawns her deceased mother’s belongings and gambles away the family income. Her greatest dream is to leave the city behind, but loyalty to her father and brother keeps her at home. Then one night, she meets a kind stranger, a mysterious traveler whose eyes burn golden beneath the moonlight.

For the crimes of cruelty and narcissism, the Queen of the Djinn sentenced Joaidane to spend his immortal life in the body of a leper. Wearing an ugliness on the outside to match his vile soul, he travels the deserts seeking redemption. The full moon is his only reprieve, a time to be himself once more. Too bad no one can see him… until a young woman with a thirst for adventure crosses his path.

Although Zarina is the first person to see Joaidane’s true appearance in three centuries–and may be the key to unraveling his curse–a pervasive evil festers in the city. Girls frequently disappear from their homes to sate the endless appetite of the corrupt royal family, and if Zarina isn’t careful, she might be the next to join the sultan’s growing harem.


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